Monday, June 29, 2015


                 This past weeks Supreme Court decision was a  historic moment for the gay 
                  community and this years Gay Pride Parade was especially joyous. 

                                                 proud Mom

                                 orange is the new …

                                 shades of Woodstock

all photos©Ken Brown

Monday, June 22, 2015


Saturday was a day for ducks (or mermaids) as the 33rd annual Mermaid 
Parade at Coney Island gathered under what started as inclement weather. It 
cleared and this annual celebration of outrageous costumery and all things 
nautical roared to life with classic fervor...

                                                Catherine Gates loves lobsters

                                       on the boardwalk…

she sells sea shells ...

Goldfish gluttony

not so sad clown...

flamingo a go go

steppin out ...

lunch by the Coney Art Walls

Coney Art Walls

 Metro-card man

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, June 15, 2015


                                                          "Wake me when it's over"


animation ©Ken Brown

Monday, June 8, 2015


                                                       "Fellow Citizens"   NYC.

early Spring warm-up

waiting for the vet ...

"En garde"on Broadway and Canal...

doing the Chelsea hop ...

skateboard shopper

flaming creatures on 14th Street

gumshoes in Soho

Buzz and baby take a break, Times Square

crowd surfing in Chelsea...

                                                              all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, June 1, 2015


                           It's hard to reduce a week's photo gathering to ten pix, so here's 
                                  a small add-on batch from our recent travels to Berlin.

the ubiquitous hooded crow REM-ing away...

happy campers mural from a former East Berlin ministry...

my favorite self anointing hot dog...

The base of an egg timer sculpture in the lively Krueuzberg neighborhood...

the Berlin Bear laughs at your selfies and invites you into
his photo booth...

Big moth in a small alley...

found at the big Berlin flea market, ...and the animated
 "Swing and Sing" fish was not far away...

kids chase around a huge mutant frog at a playground near their school...

                                 The Field of Stelae, a powerful half city block memorial 
                             to the Murdered Jews of Europe built on the former grounds 
                             of the Gestapo in the center of Berlin. 

 stencil piece and parting shot

all photos ©Ken Brown

Monday, May 25, 2015


Last week we had a chance for a week long trip to Berlin, a city that has been a source of curiosity and interest for a long time.

first photo...

Anne Frank amongst the many outsize murals and graffiti that
are a large presence in all of Berlin.

taking a break...

A portrait opportunity at the East Side Gallery, a long stretch
of the former Berlin Wall.

stencil stuff

the big question...

a hooded crow takes off from a fence loaded with posters 
advertising a very active club scene...

a lonely Kiosk...

a back lot in one of the many squat buildings that are
scattered about several neighborhoods in central Berlin...

Need a back scratcher? A side trip to Berlin's really huge 
Sunday flea market...

A wall mural homage to the planes that participated in the Berlin
Airlift (1948-49)

                                 This portrait of Khaled Mohamed Said, painted on panels from
                                 the former Berlin Wall, celebrates the young Egyptian activist
                                 whose death in police custody was an important inspiration
                                 during the Arab Spring movement.

                                 "We are all Khaled Said"

                                    all photos ©Ken Brown